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New Replacement Monitor HP 2090-0826
Green P31 Phosphor.

This replacement 6" monitor is offered in an open frame chassis as a direct drop-in for the
original Matsushita 6" monitor. This monitor requires analog video or separate TTL horizontal and vertical sync.
The replacement 6” CRT provides great viewing of high brightness, sharply focused displayed data. The
main circuit board is made of industrial grade epoxy/fiber glass reinforced material with an FR4 ratin

General Specification:

  • On board service controls Brightness, Contrast, Focus, Horizontal (Size, Centering, Hold), Vertical (Size, Centering, and Linearity)
  • Input signal type standard - Analog Video - 0 to 0.7 volts
  • Horizontal & Vertical Sync Signals - TTL level 0 to 5 volts
  • Input Power - Standard +12 vdc @ 1.5 A (typical)
  • Signal & Power Input Connector - Standard card edge connection or special interface headers
  • Temperature - Operating from 0 to +55 degrees C Storage from -20 to +65 degrees C

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