Dynapath V20931042 Monitor

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New Replacement Monitor for Dynapath Monochrome.
Green Phosphor.

Dynapath # 4204369 for Delta 40 systems
This Monitor monitor is offered in an open frame chassis for direct replacement of CRT display module in Dynapath equipment. In these chassis models the CRT and the deflection and signal processing circuit board are mounted in an open frame chassis assembly ready to be mounted in place. The main circuit board is made of an industrial grade epoxy/fiber glass reinforced material with an FR4 rating.

General Specification:

  • On board service controls Brightness, Contrast, Focus, Horizontal (Size, Centering, and Hold), Vertical (Size, Centering, and Linearity)
  • Temperature —Operating from 0 to +55 °C
                       —Storage from -20 to +65 °C
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